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MamaLash World ICU


We are the ML World ICU Nurses of Lashes and MamaLash is here to assist you.

We need to remove those lashes as safety as we can AND as pain-free "if" we can.

We are so sorry on behalf of the MamaLash World Lash Industry that you're wearing these BADLY attached lash extensions.

MamaLash Salons will take those off immediately for free AND in confidence ask "where did you get your service?" 

WHY? Because we want to upskill our fellow stylists and certify them under MamaLash Academy and we will continue to look after your lash extension requirements from now on.

A Positive Outcome going forth and you are in safe hands.

Get In Touch

Want to book in for a LashICU removal?  Want to offer this service in your salon?  Please send us a message for subscription details and we will get back to you quick smart!

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