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At Mama Lash, I am dedicated to the art of styling Volume Lash Extensions.

If you have yet to master this skill or would like to intermingle some fans within a classic set to give your clients an extra pop - our PROMADE FANS are for you.

Available in both 5D and 7D, our lashes are made with 0.05 thickness jet black PBT fibre, ensuring a gorgeous, lightweight finish.

Our lashes are true to weight and only stock what is safe apply to a natural lash that is 0.15mm thickness.

The 7D lash range have the equivalent weight of just over a 0.12mm thick extension, and will give an exceptional, full, voluminous result. The 5D lash range are the same weight as a 0.10mm thick extension and give a lighter enhanced full look.

Each tray holds 1000 fans.

Promade Fans

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