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Wax Care

Unwanted hair can unfortunately cause anxiety and stress.

WaxExcellenceNZ will show you the kindest wax treatment possible with world class products.

These courses have produced some laughter moments from both the students and models.

A fun filled learning experience.

 Brow & Facial

Our Brow and Facial Precision Course introduces skills and products to make this treatment as pain-free as possible.

This is the first course and easily applied into service menus.

Lip, Brow, Facial, Nose, Ears  and add on module of  

Brow Tinting is also available to this course.

Wax pot/kit and certification included.

Eyebrow Wax

Top To Bottom Body 

This is the Full Monty of Waxing the body.

Multiple models are needed as this course requires repeat applications to achieve certification.

Wherever there is hair, it will be removed safely and as pain-free as possible. Mega selection of wax pots and product included.

Beauty Products

Brazilian Smooth

This is the best course ever.

The laughter and pain surprise level will make you excited to want to perform this skill over and over again.

To the husbands/partners of the students taking this course, we apologise in advance as you will likely be used to perfect your partners skillset!

Spa Treatment

Mens Facial

This is a new course and requires prerequisite certification of Brow and Facial Precision Course.

Steam treatment to prepare and relax the hair follicle pre waxing. Aftercare product available for skin care moisture and cleansing. 

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